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Accessory Drive Belt

Rough Country 

Performance CVT Drive Belt

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Performance CVT Drive Belt
  • Constructed With Specially Formulated High Temperature Polychloroprene
  • Aramid Fiber Reinforcement Construction
  • Increases Horse Power Capacity And More Responsive Engine Braking During Deceleration
  • Tested And Proven Reliable At Over 12000 Rpms For Faster - More Consistent Throttle Response - Improved Durability
  • Features Deeper Cogs On Top And Rounded Cogs On Bottom
  • Quicker Throttle Response At Mid-Speed Acceleration And Greater Secondary Acceleration At High RPM
  • Reduction In Slippage During The Highest Levels Of Torque And Increased Horsepower Capacity
  • Better Performance During Deceleration [More Responsive Engine Braking]
  • Cooler Running Than The Leading Competitors
  • One-Year Warranty

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