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Trailer Wire Installation Kit

  • Securely Mounts A 7-Way Blade Extension Harness In The Truck Bed
  • Neoprene Well Nuts Isolate Steel Bolts From Aluminum Surfaces
  • Compatible w/Curt Wiring Extensions #56000 #56001 And #56080

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Hopkins Towing Solution 

Trailer Wiring Installation Kit

3 Parts

Trailer Wiring Installation Kit
  • Everything Needed To Rewire A Trailer
  • 42 Pc.
  • Ideal For Y-Harness And 4 Conductor Wire Installation
  • Resalable Storage Case Keeps Items Secure And Organized
  • Includes Specialty Tool/6-12V LED Circuit Tester
  • 90 Day Warranty From The Date Of Original Purchase

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